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BIAS Amp for iPhone


BIAS Amp is a professional virtual amp designer that offers replications of 36 of the best vintage and modern amps in rock. With BIAS Amp, you have the power to create new sounds by designing your custom dream amp—swap out the tubes, preamp, transformer, tone stacks, cab, and mic, all via a powerful and intuitive “no menu” interface designed for your iPhone. Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re hearing the real thing. With BIAS, you own a complete virtual collection of the most coveted and unique guitar amps of all time—some dating as far back as the 1940s. Every amp model is meticulously engineered to respond to your playing with immediacy, sensitivity, and realism that make you not only sound better, but play better. And BIAS Amp sounds great on bass guitar, too. But BIAS Amp doesn’t stop there. Create totally new sounds by designing your custom dream amp - it’s as easy as tap and drag. Using BIAS Amp’s highly intuitive and lightning-fast interface, it’s child’s play to instantly swap out colorful tube preamps, lush distortion circuits, classic tone stacks, boutique power stages, custom-built transformers and cabs loaded with specially matched speakers. The result is a depth and range of tones that is unachievable using traditional guitar amps or other modelers. Whether you’re a classic rocker, metalhead, jazz player, bluesman or singer-songwriter—and whether you understand how amplifier electronics work or not—you’ll be dialing in killer and exclusive tones in a heartbeat. BIAS Amp integrates seamlessly with Positive Grid's BIAS FX and JamUp guitar multi-effects apps for iPad, expanding BIAS Amp into a powerful and completely unified professional guitar system for live use, recording, and jamming. Simply tap the JamUp icon on BIAS Amp's upper bar to open your current setup directly in either JamUp or JamUp Pro. JamUp adds an amp and six effects to your BIAS rigs; JamUp Pro adds six amps and sixteen premium stomp-box and rack effects - including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo, and spring reverb. Both JamUp and JamUp Pro include Jam player, 8-track recorder and phrase sampler, tuner, and metronome, effectively turning BIAS Amp into a recording studio and top-of-the-line practice utility. BIAS Amp works with GarageBand and other audio apps using iOS’s Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Whether recording, songwriting, or honing your chops—at home or on the road—BIAS Amp places unequaled tone at your fingertips. Features: ● Complete, accurate and versatile……

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  • Version 1.8.2
  • Released on February 20, 2014
  • Price: $19.99

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BIAS is an Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. It’s warm, accurate and more versatile than any other modeler, processor in hardware or software ever created.

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